Corintha® is used in superficial wrinkles, perioral and periorbital areas. Corintha® minimizes the risk of migration and nodule formation with low-to-moderate cohesivity and elasticity.

It offers balanced tissue restoration without creating a rough and nodular surface.

Its small particle size and cross-linking density are designed to ensure optimal biocompatibility.

Etkin kullanım alanı Yüzeysel Kırışıklıklar, Göz Kenarı ve Ağız Kenarı.

  • Fine Balance Between the Necessity and Performance
  • Usage in a High Confidence Interval
  • Tissue-Mimetic Design™ for Ideal Tissue Compatibility

Tuscan® is designed to be in perfect synchronicity without distorting the natural movement of the lips and can be easily shaped by the physician.

Tissue-Mimetic Design™ facilitates homogenous spread in the tissue, maintaining the natural appearance of the lips after augmentation and contouring.

Developed to ensure optimal water retention capacity, Tuscan® maintains the ideal hydration level in the tissue.

The product can also be used in superficial wrinkles and therefore offers multiple treatment possibilities in varying areas.

Etkin kullanım alanı Yüzeysel Kırışıklıklar, Dudak Konturu ve Dudak Hacimlendirme.

  • Homogenous Distribution in the Tissue
  • Easily Shaped by the Physician
  • Multiple Application Areas
  • Regenerative Effect on Wrinkles & Maintenance of the Natural Shape of the Lips with the Tissue-Mimetic Design™

Displays high resistance to deformation created by facial expressions.

Provides natural and effective results in volume restoration

Tissue-Mimetic Design™ offers the desired results on the lips and minimizes the related risks

  • High Resistance to Dynamic Forces
  • Long Durability with Stable Structure
  • Minimum Risk and Maximum Performance on the Lips & Optimal Tissue Adaptation in Deep Wrinkles with Tissue-Mimetic Design™
  • High Compatibility & Effective Performance

Tissue-Mimetic Design™ minimizes the dispersion and migration of the product during facial muscle contractions.

Dora® exhibits a bulk structure and can therefore conform to the tissue in 3D contouring, volume projection, and definition.

The filler’s structure provides the ideal combination of durability and tissue compatibility.

It offers maximum performance with minimized side effects in medium and long term.

  • High Compatibility & Maximum Performance
  • Harmonized & Durable Effect
  • High Lifting Capacity in Confidence Interval